The CXC Story
June 2, 2021

In 2016, before the election of Donald Trump, Joe Lestingi partnered with his longtime friend and mentor Liz Chadderdon at her agency The Chadderdon Group. In 2017, they launched Chadderdon Lestingi Creative Strategies, which combined impactful and memorable creative style with a new view of electorates. CLCS’s approach empowered their clients to see other paths to victory, and also feel confident their message was breaking through to new groups of voters. In December of 2020, Liz retired from political work, moved to Colorado, and followed her love for skiing. Joe, Julie Copeland, Bakari Kamau, and Locke White started building the next evolution in political consulting agencies, Campaign X Collective Co.

Our Formation

Campaign X Collective is the future of political consultancy. Built on the research started by Joe at the end of 2016, Campaign X Co. seeks to lift progressive voices with the most innovative and empowering communications strategies in the political campaign industry. Our research, message development, targeting, and communication strategies are more inclusive of voters often overlooked by other firms. This allows our clients to remain true to themselves and run authentic campaigns. It also enables us, as an ad agency, to break away from traditional designs and push creativity to the edge. When you look at the electorate differently than most, you begin to see new hidden paths to victory that emerge from the noise in the political space.

Our Branding

X represents the sea of unknowns in our industry. X could be an undiscovered voter. X could be an unheard message. X could be an unseen leader. In the end, finding our clients’ X and building strategies around them makes all the difference.

Our branding is designed to encapsulate this concept.

Based on halftone designs, our main logo, the Hidden X, represents challenges that lay in front of all of our clients. There is a lot of noise and distraction in our business. The patterns are there, but most are stuck in an old way of thinking that doesn’t reward digging deep to find the meanings, which is exactly what we do.

The Meta X represents the uniqueness of each part contributing to a bigger picture. Each Hidden X contained in the Meta X could represent a unique voter overlooked in a sea of noise, each voter making up a collective electorate, or a problem that must be overcome. In the end, each part contributes to the big picture, and we respect each contribution.

Our Defining Structure

Campaign X Co is a values-driven agency. Built on inclusion and respect, progressive values, and a team mentality, we are the first national direct mail and communications firm that will be employee-owned. From the managing director to the associate staff, every employee will have the opportunity to own a part of the company they are helping to build. Commission-driven sales and the eat-what-you-kill approach will have no place here. When our clients succeed it will be because everyone contributed to their success, not just the face of the agency, and everyone will be recognized for that success. Our salaries will be public so our clients will know their money is going toward their victory. And our employees’ futures will be covered—not only will they have an opportunity to own what they are building, but we will also be paying 100% of their health care premium costs as well as matching up to 3% of their 401(k) savings. We strive to live the values we promote.

We look forward to working with all of our clients and colleagues to build a more equitable world and an empowered progressive movement.

Welcome to Campaign X Collective.