About Us!
March 21, 2022

Campaign X Co was created on the purpose of building a more equitable world by crafting innovative communications strategies to empower Democratic and Progressive candidates. Out of that purpose, we have been able to help campaigns and caucuses, along with Progressive candidates, get the best strategic messaging possible. Our expertly crafted and designed mail plans target the right audience in the right way to ensure their direct mail campaign yields results. You could say that we solve for X. Our goal is to ensure that the communications we create end up in the hands of voters that want the information. We use language that encourages them to get to the polls and vote. 

At Campaign X Collective we lead with our values and they are  uncompromising. We hire, fire, reward, and recognize our team members and clients based on our core values. We strive to exemplify these values both internally at CXC and externally with our clients, peers, colleagues, and competitors. “Our Strategies empower clients to change the narrative around them, their campaign, and their community. Then, our clients change the lives of their constituents by changing city hall politics, pushing state legislatures toward progress, rattling the halls of Congress, and influencing the White House. We do it one elected official at a time.” Because of this belief, our mission is to lead our team with our core values. We are progressive, we stand on the side of political progress to build a better world. We are innovative, constantly searching for the edge and then pushing it further. We are inclusive and respectful, making sure that everyone’s unique experience and talents are heard. We are empowering, by helping others to remain true and authentic to themselves. We practice candor, by caring personally and challenging directly because bullshit loses campaigns. And finally, we are a team, by allowing, respecting, and encouraging others to contribute to shared success. 

In the last 5 years we have seen our nation grow and change. A bigger spotlight has been put on inequities faced around the nation. In 2020 our firm was winning while every other firm was falling short. We were the only firm to flip a congressional seat. We were the only firm of three to flip seats in the North Carolina legislature. In 2019 we flipped two seats in the Virginia legislature. We have continued to help candidates, campaigns and organizations across the country  gain traction in their districts using creative messaging with direct targeting. Direct mail is no longer an afterthought, rather it is a road paved to win. We use our strengths to amplify candidates’ authentic voices by crafting valuable direct mail messaging.

Our process is a bit different than those competitors in the same space. We look to do the background work on targeting and looking for voters that should, and need to, be activated. It is always at the forefront of our work that your words are concise, your imagery is sharp, and your plan is clear. Setting the campaign up for the highest yield at the voting box is imperative. We encourage clients to be their most authentic and engaging self in their mail pieces. This ensures that your personality and drive shines at every turn. 

We’ve told you about our process and given you an idea of what it will take to win using mail, but what can you expect from us? We approach every client and campaign as a team. We have multiple steps that we go through to make sure we understand your campaign vision, we hear your voice, and we understand your goals. We want to be a member of your team, not just a consultant that you hired. We work together to ensure success and we will give real feedback. We understand that consultants can give you fluffy answers and not attack the issues head on. We work to remove all of that from our approach. We will provide you with thoughtful information when needed and guidance on topics when helpful. Our goal, as is yours, is to win the campaign. We know that running for office isn’t easy, which is why we operate with a no bullshit mindset. Because, as we mentioned, bullshit loses campaigns. 

At the end of the day, it is, and will always be, our goal to partner with Democratic and Progressive candidates, campaigns and organizations to win. Their voices represent people across the nation who are screaming to have their voices heard and we know the importance and relevance of an equitable society. That is why we advocate, using our clients voice, to be heard and visualized through strategic direct mail plans. Our team is confident in the work we do and we are ready to deliver for your campaign.