Continuing Our Study
June 29, 2021

Back in May, CLCS sent around an industry survey to our colleagues, peers, and clients looking to collect data on people’s thoughts and perceptions on the 2020 campaign cycle. The responses have been fantastic. We are keeping the survey anonymous to encourage candid responses. Oh boy… has that been fun. 

While we are still in the transition from CLCS to Campaign X Collective, we wanted to bump the survey in your inbox and encourage you to participate, if you haven’t.

Here are some of our partial results so far:

  • 36% of our respondents started their careers in the last 5-10 years (They miss Obama).
  • 25% have been in politics for more than 20 years (and don’t do informational meetings anymore).

All regions of work are represented, but 30% of respondents are based in the DC area. Don’t let the insiders dominate. Click here to be heard.

The consulting class has been 23% of our respondents as well. And there are growing disparities between how respondents who were candidates for office view the 2020 campaign cycle and their consulting counterparts. 

Fun notes so far: 

“Dumpster Fire” was chosen most often to describe races for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Most of the respondents were fairly pleased with the outcomes of the races they worked on in 2020. Maybe only winners responded… we don’t know because it’s anonymous.

In describing the teams they worked with cycle, one respondent said, “We’re like a big family; we have each other’s backs.” We don’t know who was on this team, but it is proof that kind of relationship can exist in our industry. Seemed like a good quote to end this post on.

Please take a moment if you haven’t and give us your thoughts and feelings around the 2020 operations and campaigns. Who knows… maybe you will see it pop up in our next post!

Click below to fill out the survey.

Joe Lestingi – Managing Director