Messaging For The Future
March 11, 2022

Our company is growing (again) and we are adding some new faces to help in growing areas. We look forward to bringing them on and adding more hands to help with the work. What is that saying…”Many hands make light work”… well close enough. Send our jobs to someone you think would be a great fit!

It is mid-term season and if you are feeling like us, it’s time for an extra cup of coffee. We have been busy talking with new clients, getting our existing clients up and going, and monitoring new district lines like a hawk. We dedicated our social feeds to uplifting the stories of Black leaders present and past during #BlackHistoryMonth and have started highlighting prominent female figures throughout history in our #WomensHistoryMonth series for March. Check out our social media (@campaignxco with links provided below so you can take a look!) to review some of what we have been doing! It is important to us to take the time to highlight individuals that have, or currently are, putting in the time and energy to help people in some way. We always talk about using your authentic voices and we are happy to use ours to give space for individuals that have used theirs. 

The rest of the year in a nutshell.

The Reeds and the Pollies are coming up! It is always a fun time to interact with colleagues and see some of the amazing work that progressive firms put out into the world. And we can’t forget about BISC’s virtual conference where we can hopefully reconnect. Definitely keep an eye out for us at all three and let’s chat!

The secret: Right message to the right voter. 

As we are all aware, 2022 is a big year for Democrats both nationally and locally. Basic human rights are under attack and our part of the fight is to help get the right people elected. Progressive voices ensure change. And change ensures that every American is represented and heard. As progressives, we should work together to create clear and cohesive messaging. Playing offensively instead of defensively allows our voices to be heard.

Speaking of messaging, because we have been getting our social media game on, we have jumped into the ever-evolving world of TikTok. If you’ve been there, you know it is a place of endless scrolling, DIY hacks, political commentary, and the constantly changing dance trends. We know that there is a whole world of Gen Z’ers out there working to get involved in the political sphere and we are happy to join them! If you choose to follow us, you may catch most of the team trying their hand at TikTok challenges. We can’t promise they’ll be good, but we can promise they will be entertaining!

As we look toward the future, our goal is, and has always been, to provide strategic messaging, innovative design, and like always GET PROGRESSIVES ELECTED! We hope the start of your year has been fruitful and is proving to be exciting! We’ll be back soon with some “fluffier” topics to help relieve the stress and keep your focus on the prize!

That’s all for now friends. We’ll be back soon!
Joe and the CXC Team