Innovative Design

Dr. Michelle Au, Democratic State Senate Primary in Georgia in 2020 

Personal Story and Messaging

In 2020, we crafted a six-piece Democratic primary direct mail program for Dr. Michelle Au running for state senate in Georgia. The plan we crafted was authentic to her personal story and employed unique artwork in collaboration with  Dr. Au, inspired by her own artwork. We knew that a majority of voters in the Democratic primary were undecided, and due to the emerging pandemic, in which the presidential primary had been moved back and most people were practicing social distancing, some conventional campaign communications had been taken off the table.

The strategic messaging we crafted for this Democratic primary race was simple. Dr. Michelle Au is the Democrat we need, right now. As a doctor, she is on the front lines keeping us safe, and she knows what it takes to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. As a mom, she will always fight to protect women’s rights. And as a Democrat, she will stand up for real equality for all families. 

Design Narrative

Dr. Au was very involved in the creative process with our designers to craft direct mail that was unique to her.  Utilizing pop art pieces, vibrant colors, and pointed language, our ability to grasp the attention of voters was easily portrayed through the art. In doing so, we were able to push more information about Dr. Au and give the voter name recognition. Each piece built on the foundation of the previous and created a narrative around Dr. Au, pushing her across the finish line in a victorious race. 

Branding Inspiration

Because of that collaboration, we were inspired to create and utilize branding interviews with every client moving forward. Samples of designs brainstormed in these meetings follow.