Unlocking the Support You Didn’t Know You Had

Churn Voters -Targeting employed in direct mail – Carolyn Bourdeaux general election 2020, Georgia CD07

Mission Driven Agenda

In 2020, we helped flip the only congressional seat from red to blue with Carolyn Bourdeaux in GA CD07. Carolyn’s persuasion program focused on her mission-driven agenda for the district. It was a 29-piece program targeting six different universes. 

Using CXC’s voter research on low-turnout Democratic voters, polling for Bourdeaux included oversampling these low-propensity voters, which allowed us to target messaging more accurately. It is important to note that Carolyn ran for this seat in 2018. In the Democratic primary, she prevailed. When it came down to the general election, she lost by just 433 votes. We knew stepping into this campaign that we needed to activate low-propensity voters by connecting voter values with Carolyn’s personal story. She spent her life working on public policy that would truly impact and help people. This was a mainstay in the plan and a true way to help activate voters who had fallen off. Utilizing creative text and beautifully crafted designs, we implemented a strong mail plan that truly pulled in voters and got them to the polls. 

Unlocking Support

When we talk about unlocking support you didn’t know you had, we truly mean it. Researching the district and evaluating how to target voters is an important piece of the puzzle when talking about mail strategy. In this campaign, that idea paid off throughout the campaign. Not only was this team tasked with communicating issues that resonate with voters, but we also needed to find them in the middle of a historic pandemic that had everyone sequestered in their homes. Because of this, we focused heavily on security and reassurance when the White House couldn’t deliver. This strategic  mail plan delivered the leader, Carolyn Bourdeaux, who was desperately needed, not just in Congress but also in Georgia. Her voice was amplified on  cleanly designed pieces and assured voters that the turbulent times they were experiencing were not left unnoticed by Carolyn.