is an undiscovered voter.

is an unheard message.

makes all the difference.

We seek to lift up progressive voices with the most innovative and empowering communications strategies by looking at electorates differently. Built on research started in 2017, our approach to research, message development, targeting, and communications strategies is more inclusive of voters other firms take for granted. This empowers our clients to run more authentic campaigns. In turn, it allows us to break away from traditional, uninspired designs and push new and innovative creative to the edge. When you work with us, your X emerges from the noise, and the path to victory is clearer than ever.

We are building a more equitable world.

Our mission is big, hairy, and audacious, and it is exactly what voters are looking for right now. Our strategies empower our clients to change the narrative around them, their campaign, and their community. Then, our clients change the lives of their constituents by changing city hall politics, pushing state legislatures toward progress, rattling the halls of Congress, and influencing the White House. We do it one elected official at a time … and we’ll do it for as long as we need to.

We are a new type of poltical communications firm.

Campaign X Co. is breaking new ground as a new type of political communications agency. Evolving from a direct mail firm to a true advertising agency, our team combines the legacy of impactful direct mail with groundbreaking, scientific, and data-driven public opinion research, digital media communications and targeting strategies. You have never worked with a firm like ours before. To see samples of the creative work we have done in the past, click here and here.

These are our values for X.


Stand on the side of political progress to build a better world.


Search for the edge and push it even further.

Inclusive and Respectful

Make sure everyone’s unique experience and talent is heard.


Help others to remain true and authentic to themselves.


Care personally while challenging directly because bullshit loses campaigns.


Allow, respect, and empower others to contribute to shared success.

Let us show you how our approach can help you succeed.

The way we look at electorates is truly different from our competitors. We know the best creative in the world doesn’t matter if it goes to the wrong people, and we know the right targets won’t respond to the wrong message. Fill in your information and we’ll show you how your X can emerge from the noise.

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